This website is a feature of CAC Explore, a classroom-based platform presenting student research into political, policy, and constitutional issues sourced in the Center’s many congressional collections.

Jim Jones and the Reagan Revolution was researched and developed by University of Oklahoma students enrolled in PSC 3493, “Politics, Policy, and the Constitution” during the Spring, 2016 semester. These students engaged in background reading to better understand the political, policy, and procedural aspects of the fight over the Reagan budget.

They explored relevant files in the James R. Jones collection, and met with Mr. Jones during his visit to the Center March 21, 2016. Mr. Jones also participated in an oral history interview which is featured on the web site.

The Hon. James R. Jones with members of the class.

The participants in this class were:

Front Row: Saghi Hosseini, Abigail Hirsekorn

Middle Row: Dan Rentschler, Ambassador James R. Jones, Matt Reid, Lindsay Marshall (GTA)

Back Row: Jessica Owens, Holly Sloan, Bryan King, Professor Ron Peters

Not Pictured: Shaya Kellogg

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